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Reduce Energy Consumption and Increase Your Comfort

Without the right ceiling insulation, you could be losing 35% of your heating/cooling capacity out of the top of your home.

Ceiling insulation is the perfect solution to reduce the energy consumption of your home by preventing heat loss during winter and heat gains during summer.

With the right ceiling insulation your house could be 10 degrees cooler in summer and up to 7 degrees warmer in winter. 

Types of Ceiling Insulation

Woolcell Insulation

Woolcell is a premium pump-in roof insulation product, designed and manufactured in Australia. Woolcell is environmentally and user friendly, using Australian wool, recycled paper, Borax and Boric acid.

Woolcell gives you 100% coverage, is fire retardant and vermin resistant, and reduces mould (perfect for those with asthma and allergies). It has very good acoustic insulation properties.

Woolcell is a combination of wool and (the original) cellulose fibre. Wool has been added for the purpose of keeping the product lightweight and ensuring it keeps its “loft” over the lifetime of the structure of the home. It also makes it a “Breathable” product which minimises mould and mildew in the home.

Woolcell does not have any health warnings, contains no asbestos, fibreglass or formaldehydes and gives off no CFCs. Woolcell helps reduce ‘Sick Building
Syndrome’. Woolcell does not contain any dangerous or irritating fibres unlike
some glasswool/fibreglass insulation.

Polyester Batts

An environmentally friendly synthetic product manufactured from recycled plastic, polyester insulation batts are a strong and durable product that doesn’t degrade over time. 

Glasswool / Fibreglass Batts

Itch free and durable, glasswool insulation is a popular thermal insulation made from recycled glass material. Made of non combustable, fire redardent material, glasswool insulation is a cost effective product that provides exception thermal and acoustic performance.

Foil Insulation

Foil insulation, also known as reflective insulation, is a radiant barrier designed to reflect it. Taking many forms, it is most commonly supplied and installed in sheets which is laminated onto plasterboard, expanded polystyrene or backed on other insulation batts.

Transform Your Home Energy Rating 

Homes built pre-2000 usually need insulation repair, top-up or removal and reinstallation. Homeowners with older, poorly installed insulation, often using inferior products, are getting no benefits at all. 

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