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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you wanted to know about insulation for your home

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to insulating your home, questions range from; “What’s the best type of insulation?” through to; “Can I insulate an old home?” , “How do I even know if I need insulation?” or even; “Should I DIY my insulation?”

On this page, we hope to answer those questions and more for you, and provide a resource for everything relating to insulation.

4 Seasons offers a wide variety of products, Fibreglass being the cheapest, right through to Polyester Batts and Pump-in Materials. We can quote on all of these products and tailor it to better suit your budget.

Remember that a low quality insulation product will have less thermal efficiency or R value (you can read all about R values here)  and if not installed properly, it will lose even more efficiency. So even though you may have saved some money upfront with a budget pack of insulation batts that you decide to install yourself, you’ll find that it simply won’t perform as well as a high quality product installed by professionals. Over time this means you’re energy bills aren’t as low as you would’ve liked too!

Check out the Insulation Packages we have available here.

There a couple of options to insulate existing walls. This can be done by coring some holes in to the gyprock (internally) and then pumping down the wall cavity. Or Pumping the Insulbloc directly down the wall cavity and then removing bricks under the window sill. We re-install and re-mortar the brick to its previous state.
We always do a site inspection when quoting so that we can run through the process with the customer and price it accordingly.
The results in comfort and savings will far outweigh the small inconvenience of re-painting a wall (if it has to be installed internally) and there is very little to no disruption if installed externally.

If you’re living in an older home, chances are you’ve probably felt the extremes of the heat or cold already. Places like Canberra and Richmond (in Sydney’s Northwest) frequently have overnight lows of 0c literally reaching freezing point. On the other end of the scale, Sydney’s western suburbs constantly experience days of over 35c in Summer, sometimes for days in a row.

4 Seasons Home Insulation have nearly 30 years of experience insulating homes, and the best return on investment we see are in transforming an old home with no insulation. Even old homes with ageing insulation reap huge benefits from an insulation refresh. Adding a thermal barrier to your home will not only keep out the extremes of the heat and the cold, it will lower your monthly energy bills.

Do you have high monthly energy bills, uncomfortable rooms, and issues with moisture, mould or mildew?

These are some of the signs that your home needs insulation. Other signs include cold walls or floors or a draft through the house.

There is no simple answer to this question and that is why 4 Seasons offers a wide range of product and services. Unlike a lot of other companies we provide a free site inspection, measure and quote and we run through a few alternatives to suite your properties needs and your budget.

To ensure any product works to it’s highest potential we recommend a professional install. Poorly installed insulation will mean that you insulation will not be very effective.

The one recommendation is that home owners should invest in Australian made high quality products. These include Fibreglass, Polyester and Pump-in Materials. Be aware of “marketing” strategies… “Earthwool” is fibreglass (not wool, like many customers are lead to believe) and is not manufactured in Australia. There a couple of other reputable Australian manufacturers that produce higher quality insulation products and that 4 Seasons would recommend.

It’s not as common to insulate your interior walls, but it can offer energy savings, particularly in larger homes. Another benefit of internal insulation is the sound deadening it provides.

We found the average home owner can save up to $1000 a year on their energy bills, after properly installed insulation is put in their home. Sustainability Victoria says that insulation can save the average home 45% on electricity per year*