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Roof Insulation

Increase the comfort of your home

Make a Real Difference with Roof Insulation

Without the RIGHT roof insulation, you could be losing up to 35% of your heating/cooling capacity out of the top of your house.

With the RIGHT roof insulation your house could be

in winter

in summer

Meaning you can make real savings on your energy bills. Save up to $1000 per year with 4 Seasons Home Insulation – effective, professional, guaranteed and an excellent investment that starts paying for itself immediately!

4 Big Benefits of 4 Seasons Roof Insulation

Using some of the highest rated insulation materials, you can enjoy the following advantages when insulating your roof with us:

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Real savings on your energy bills

Roof insulation increases the efficiency of your home – it retains heat inside your home during the Winter and prevents heat from entering in the Summer, so you don’t need to run your heaters and air conditioners as regularly. This means you can make real savings on your energy bills, and recoup your initial investment for the insulation.

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Increased comfort in your home

With greater efficiency you can achieve desired temperatures in your home more naturally, so your home can be more cosy in the colder months and cooler in the warmer months. And even when you do need your heaters and air conditioners, you can maintain the temperatures they reach for longer, as the air can’t escape so easily.

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Environmentally sustainable

By reducing the running of your air conditioners and heaters you’re using less energy, which therefore has a positive impact on the environment by reducing energy demand and emissions. Woolcell also uses recycled newspaper, sheeps wool and natural salts.


Workmanship guarantee

All our installs come with a workmanship guarantee. Our professional and trained staff will take every step to ensure you’re happy, the install is done to a high standard and the insulation is working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Roof Installation Solutions

in simple terms

At 4 Seasons Home Insulation we have four options for your roof insulation.

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Woolcell insulation is a leading insulation product that is environmentally friendly, user friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty:

Woolcell home insulation was even awarded a National Wool Invention Competition ‘Prize of Distinction’ and is CSIRO-tested for conformance to industry standards.

Polyester Roof Insulation


Polyester insulation is the same material used in pillows and doonas. 

The advantages of this material include:

  • Great for allergy and asthma sufferers, as its fibres do not break down into small particles, so it doesn’t emit any dust that can be inhaled
  • Itch-free and irritant-free, so it’s easy and safe to handle
  • Doesn’t attract vermin, so you won’t find any nasty surprises
  • It is hydrophobic, so doesn’t absorb moisture
  • Has zero spread of flame, so it doesn’t compromise the safety of your home
Fibreglass Roof Insulation


Fibreglass insulation is made up of melted glass spun into a mat of fibres. For many years fibreglass has been regarded as an itchy and irritant material, however the materials and chemicals used to make fibreglass batts have improved significantly in the past 5-10 years. So whilst it’s still not completely itch-proof, it’s much better than the older version. 

The advantages of fibreglass insulation include:

  • Cost effective option, so you can still insulate your home even if you’re on a strict budget
  • Has a zero spread of flame, so it will simply melt and won’t catch on fire
  • At 4 Seasons we only use Australian-made, high quality Fibreglass, which comes with a 70 year warranty
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Bradford Black Fibreglass

This is a newer version to standard Fibreglass and is more user friendly than its older version.

What makes Bradford Black different?

  • Uses recycled glass and natural organic binders
  • Soft to touch and low itch
  • Made with renewable raw materials
  • 70 year warranty
  • Hypoallergenic properties and low odour (compared to standard Fibreglass)
  • Australian made

Professional installation is the key to any batt solution otherwise the thermal/performance rating will decrease dramatically.


As well as full roof insulation, there are additional accessories you can install to further optimise the total insulation of your home:

  • Tenmat Downlight Covers improve insulation efficiency and safety, as well as minimising gaps in the insulation. Gaps of 5% (including the clearance around downlights) lowers the R-rating by up to 50%
  • A Draft Stopper exhaust fan cover further improves insulation efficiency by eliminating air loss in winter and hot air gain in summer

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FAQs on Roof Insulation

Yes. Both Woolcell and Polyester insulation are breathable and resistant to moisture, so you can minimise mould and mildew.

Yes. Woolcell has been treated with natural salts which will deter vermin from nesting in your roof.

Woolcell comes with a lifetime warranty. Polyester and fibreglass come with a manufacturer’s guarantee of 70 years.

The use of roof insulation makes your home much more energy efficient, because it is more thermally efficient so requires less use of air conditioners and heaters. Also, the materials used to make some of our insulation options are environmentally sustainable.

Very! Woolcell acts as a fire blanket by smouldering out the flame. Polyester and Fibreglass have a zero spread of flame but they will melt. Woolcell and Polyester insulation are the better choices in terms of itch-resistance and irritant-resistance.

We always recommend having complementary insulation throughout your home, and can always provide a quote on how best to achieve this. It is possible to reduce your heating and cooling costs further when you also install complementary wall and floor insulation cocooning your home.

Absolutely! When you get your free measure and quote we will advise on the best solutions for you. Simply call 1300 331 366 to book in or speak with one of our insulation experts