4 Seasons Insulation Packages

Save even more $ thanks to packages for some of our most popular home insulation solutions.

Package 1

The Top Top-Up Package

  • Top- up existing roof insulation to increase the value of your current roof insulation.
  • Meet the NSW and ACT insulation R-value requirement.
  • A cost effective way to increase the energy efficiency and comfort of your home.

Top-up insulation materials include Woolcell (Pump-in Cellulose fibre and wool), Cellulose Fibre, Polyester Batts and Fibreglass Batts.


Save $150

Package 2

The Sweet Spot Package

TR-rating 4.1 is the recommended insulated rating for NSW and ACT areas. Increasing the R-values  above this recommendation will not increase the performance of your insulation or the comfort of your home.

DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED $ on higher R-values that you just don’t need.

  • Top or Insulate roof to a require TR-rating of 4.1
  • Insulate underfloor with our specialist polyester underfloor insulation material.


Save $250

Package 3

The Love Your Home Package

To increase to overall energy efficiency, insulation performance and comfort, 4 Seasons Home Insulation recommends “cocooning” your home with roof, wall and underfloor insulation in existing and new homes.

  • You CAN insulate existing walls despite what others tell you.
  • Our unique Insulbloc wall insulation has the highest R-ratings (thermal ratings) on the market (up to TR 6.1 as opposed to R 2.0 standard wall batts)

Insulation will transform  your lifestyle and the livability of your home.


Save $500

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Transform Your Home Energy Rating 

Homes built pre-2000 usually need insulation repair, top-up or removal and reinstallation. Homeowners with older, poorly installed insulation, often using inferior products, are getting no benefits at all. 

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