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INSULBLOC Insulation

The most effective Retrofit wall insulation on the Australian market

If you’ve just bought a house, you want to enjoy it! You can’t do that if you’re sweltering through the day or shivering through the night. INSULBLOC the best wall insulation solution. Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperatures and say hello to energy savings with INSULBLOC.

4 Big Benefits of INSULBLOCInsulation


Highest R-Value in Australia

INSULBLOC is made of small, polystyrene blocks that settle to create a locked layer of insulation in a cavity. This gap-free layer prevents hot or cold air from passing through the cavity, giving INSULBLOC the highest R-Value in Australia.


Easiest to Install

INSULBLOC insulation can be pumped into wall cavities and fill small or difficult to reach spaces, such as around plumbing pipes. This minimises any disruption or damage to your home, and makes existing wall insulation easy. 

INSULBLOC also comes in 12mm and 8mm sizing options, so you can choose the size that is best suited to your insulation needs.


Effective Against Mould, Pests and Fire

INSULBLOC is resistant to the spread of:

  • Fire
  • Dust
  • Moisture and vapour
  • Fungi and bacteria
  • Mould and mildew
  • Vermin

Not only does it protect itself from being damaged by the issues, it also prevents damage to the structure of your home.


Proudly Australian

INSULBLOC is a local Australian invention. By choosing it you are supporting our own insulation industry. Not only that, product delivery and issue resolution will be much faster than if you use overseas alternatives. Lastly, INSULBLOC uses recycled Australian fire retardant polystyrene, reducing the amount of landfill in Australia.

Insulation Solutions

in simple terms

INSULBLOC is an innovative wall insulation product, made in Australia for Australian homes. 

Wall Insulation Options Explained

Brick Veneer Walls

Brick veneer walls (“brick skin” on the outside) are not ideal for thermal mass or efficiency. They get hot in summer and continue to radiate heat late into the evening. During winter, external bricks stay cold and soak up valuable heat from your house. One of the greatest benefits of wall insulation is to protect you from the temperature extremes heightened by brick veneer housing. 

Insulation is pumped down into the wall cavity via the property’s roof, filling up the width of the cavity. Where there are windows, we remove the brick and pump under the window to fill this gap, and once complete the bricks are carefully re-mortared into their original position.

Timber Framed Walls

Timber framed walls are a low mass construction. This means they will rely entirely on insulation to maintain thermal mass and attain optimal comfort for the home. Nearly all homes in Australia use plasterboard as a lining for interior walls, so we can also insulate existing gyprock walls too. 

We don’t recommend removing existing gyprock, as it can be costly to the homeowner. Instead, we carefully core holes into gyprock material and pump the insulation into the voids between studs and noggins, filling the wall cavity. This can be labour intensive, but the process will give you a higher than standard R-rating.


Some forms of insulation can actually double as a vapour or moisture barrier. Compared to insulation batts, INSULBLOCⓇ excels in vapour resistance. It’s hydrophobic, meaning it won’t wick moisture across cavities through capillary action. Old polystyrene bead insulation once relied on the addition of glue to stabilise it once in a wall cavity, but the polygonal properties of INSULBLOCⓇ remove the need for glue and the risk of ‘wetting’ exposed electrical wires and fittings.

Compared to other materials available on the market, INSULBLOCⓇ is one of the most environmentally friendly brick cavity wall insulation solutions available, using recycled raw materials, contributing to reducing greenhouse gases.

We always recommend having complementary insulation throughout your home, and can always provide a quote on how best to achieve this. INSULBLOCⓇ is capable of reducing heating and cooling costs up to a further 60% when you also instal complementary ceiling insulation in your home. There are also proven benefits to insulating under windows.

Of course it can! Insulbloc can be successfully installed down a wall cavity without the need for drilling a large pattern of holes through the walls to achieve the optimum density for a good insulation rating and waterproofing.

Gaps are to be avoided in all types of insulation, as even a small gap can greatly reduce a home’s insulating value. Fortunately, INSULBLOCⓇ wall insulation is easier to install and essentially “gap free” cubes to maximise insulation ratings.

Wire movement and overheating are common fears people have when installing insulation, but it isn’t a problem when insulating wall cavities with INSULBLOCⓇ.

Wiring in wall cavities is much less susceptible to movement because it is usually attached to the timber frame. Likewise, the threat of wires overheating in walls is reduced since high-amp circuits have been regulated. 

INSULBLOCⓇ’s settling effect ensures the wires aren’t in constant contact with the insulation, while it’s superior cooling effect reduces the temperature in the wall cavity, therefore also reducing the chance of overheating. 

In older homes we always recommend that your wiring be checked by a professional electrician before installing INSULBLOCⓇ. We want your experience to be as smooth as possible, so if it’s easier we can arrange this inspection for you.