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4 Reasons To Get Your Insulation Professionally Installed – And Why You Should Avoid DIY

Worker insulating roof

With summer around the corner, and with ever-increasing energy bills, you may well be considering insulation for your home. You already know that proper insulation is a great way to cool the home, but here’s a fun fact; did you know that you can lose up to 80% in heating and cooling without adequate insulation? (1)

When it comes to installing insulation, there are a few important factors to consider.

▪ Compliance
▪ Safety
▪ R-Value
▪ Equipment

Let’s break them down;


Insulation needs to be installed within the relevant safety standards and in compliance with the Building Code of Australia. This also includes meeting the minimum R-Values (more about that in a moment).

Safety & Accessibility

In addition to meeting the standards for insulation rating and installation, it also needs be installed with appropriate clearances around electrical wires, transformers and electrical appliances to avoid the risk of fire.

Climbing up into the ceiling crawl space can be fraught with danger – one wrong step in the roof could have you falling from a considerable height and result in an unscheduled trip to the hospital.

Similarly getting under the house is rarely an experience one would cherish, and it brings its own unique set of risks. Banging your head or getting cut on a piece of flashing are sure to ruin your day.

And let’s not forget that gaining access into the various nooks and crannies of your home increases the chance of encountering everything that bites, crawls and stings!


We have a separate blog post explaining R-Value in detail, but put simply, R-Value is insulations ability to resist heat flow (preventing heat leaking in or out). Poorly laid insulation, such as overly compressing or damaging it, or leaving gaps between bats, can lower the R-Value of your product. With lowered efficiency, your energy bills are likely to be higher, therefore costing you more money in the long run.


Depending on the type of insulation going into your home, there is some very specific equipment required for the job. Some insulation is actually pumped in and requires a blowing machine. Other types require special cutting tools. If you need to buy special tools simply for the installation, you’re already behind the eight ball in terms of cost efficiency.

In summary..

Although installing insulation might seem simple at first, it can actually be a dangerous and daunting task. There is also the consideration of compliance here in Australia, and significant safety risks for the DIY enthusiast.

Sleep better (and more comfortably!) knowing that your insulation was installed by a professional, and has a workmanship guarantee. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

1. Source: Australian Government – http://yourenergysavings.gov.au/energy/heating-cooling/insulation