Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

energy saving tips

There are some simple yet effective ways to insulate your home, which can significantly reduce heat gain during summer and heat loss during winter. And this leads to big savings on your energy bills. Heating and cooling account for up to 50% of a typical home’s energy use(1). Without adequate insulation you can lose up … Read more

All About R-Values

All about insulation R Values

As a homeowner researching the benefits of insulation you’ve probably stumbled across the term “R-Value”. But what is an R-Value and is it the most important aspect to consider for home insulation? R-Value Explained R-Value is simply a measure of resistance to heat flow, through a given thickness of material. Therefore, insulation is, at its … Read more

Underfloor insulation – get the lowdown

Underfloor insulation is a great investment for your home

Living in an existing home or building new? Heating and energy experts agree that high-quality underfloor insulation is a great investment. Imagine the picture – winter is settling in and your family is enjoying the benefits of professional wall and ceiling insulation. Your heating bills are massively reduced and the word of the day is … Read more

Wool Home Insulation Resists Vermin In Your Roof

Insulation Cat - Wool home insulation

Wool home insulation may not be your first thought when considering pest management or fire readiness, so prepare yourself for some exciting information. Following spells of wet weather, we often hear of nocturnal activity in the roof space keeping people awake: these noises usually come from rats and mice looking for cosy dry beds and … Read more