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Wall Insulation Wollongong

Transform the comfort of your Wollongong home

No wall insulation at home? We can help you recover up to 25% of its heating & cooling capacity!

Wall insulation is one of the most important things you can do to improve your home’s energy efficiency. It will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer and can save you money on your energy bills.

Our team of insulation experts have years of experience providing wall insulation in homes and businesses throughout Wollongong. Whether you need wall insulation in Dapto, Shellharbour, Kiama, or beyond our experienced team can help.

We advise home owners, designers and builders on the best approach for any property they’re looking to improve.

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4 Big Benefits of Wall Insulation

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Real savings on your energy bills

An insulated home starts paying for itself immediately. It is an excellent way to save money on your power bill by using less energy to heat and cool your home. This creates a more comfortable space and helps with reducing your carbon footprint.

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Protection from the elements

Your walls function as a barrier between your pleasant living space and the elements outside. Wall insulation will improve heat flow within your home while also boosting your health and lowering heating costs related to temperature swings – just consider those hot, westerly walls!


Thermal imaging service available

We are able to supply thermal images to highlight particular problem areas in walls where heat is unnecessarily escaping or being absorbed. This is especially useful for walls facing west, as they are typically the most exposed to the sun’s heat. By having a thermal image of these areas, we can more easily identify where changes need to be made in order to improve the home’s energy efficiency.


Always installed by trained operators

At 4 Seasons Home Insulation we guarantee an effective, professional installation service completed by our trained staff. We will take every step to help you make the best investment for the future comfort of your home. Our team will work with you from start to finish, providing expert guidance and support every step of the way.

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Wollongong Wall Installation Solutions

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At 4 Seasons, we can work with a variety of new and existing walls including:

Wollongong Wall Insulation Options Explained

Insulbloc Brick

Brick Veneer Wall Insulation

Brick veneer walls ( “brick skin” on the outside) are not ideal for thermal mass or efficiency. They get hot in summer and continue to radiate heat late into the evening. During winter, external bricks stay cold and soak up valuable heat from your house. One of the greatest benefits of wall insulation is to protect you from the temperature extremes heightened by brick veneer housing.

Reverse brick veneer in comparison is more thermally efficient, as the thermal mass is internal. Despite this, good insulation is still vital when maintaining an optimum temperature inside the home.

How is Brick Veneer Wall Insulation installed?
Insulation is pumped down into the wall cavity via the property’s roof, filling up the width of the wall frame. Where there are windows, we remove the brick and pump under the window to fill this gap, and once complete the bricks are carefully re-mortared into their original position. By insulating your walls you can keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, as well as save on energy bills.

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Timber Framed Wall Insulation

Timber-framed walls are low-mass buildings. This implies that they will solely rely on insulation to maintain thermal mass and achieve maximum comfort for the residents. In Australia, nearly all homes use plasterboard as a lining for interior walls. Therefore, we can insulate the existing gyprock walls as well. This would provide your home with an additional layer of protection against extreme temperatures.

How is Timber Framed Wall Insulation installed?
We don’t advise removing existing gyprock, as it might be costly to the homeowner. Rather, we carefully core holes in gyprock material and pump the insulation into the spaces between studs and noggings, filling the wall cavity. This may be time-consuming, but it will result in a higher than normal R-rating.

Cavity fill methods available for walls:

  1. Polystyrene balls (if lining or cladding not removed)
  2. Mineral fibres (if lining or cladding not removed)
  3. Bulk batts
  4. Concertina foil batts 
  5. Multi-cell foil batts

Transform Your Home Energy Rating

Whether inspecting existing walls or planning new ones, every Australian homeowner should think about wall insulation. The aim is to avoid older, less effective insulation and inferior products – you’ll miss out on all the advantages!

In Australian houses, it is recommended that R2.0 (resistance value) is the bare minimum for wall insulation. It’s not the thickness or material that matters when it comes to insulating your house; it’s all about the R-value.

With this in mind, 4 Seasons constantly strives to install the most efficient insulation – whether in new or existing walls – with the advantages being almost immediate. Wall insulation will improve the comfort and usability of an entire room, not just your home’s energy savings!

We advise home owners, designers and builders on the best approach for any property they’re looking to improve.

Types Of Wall Insulation

High Performance INSULBLOCⓇ Technology
Australian-made high performance cubed polystyrene wall and closed cavity insulation.

Fibreglass Batts 
Also known as glasswool or earthwool insulation, fibreglass batts are designed for exterior cavity walls. 

Polyester Batts
Thermally bonded polyester fibre insulation that’s versatile, easy to install, safe and odourless.

Acoustic Wall Insulation
Available in high density Fibreglass and Polyester

As well as our amazing INSULBLOCⓇ solution, 4 Seasons Home Insulation also supply and install Fibreglass Batts, Polyester Batts & Foil Insulation Products to suit your style and budget.

Insulbloc Brick Removal to Install under window sill

INSULBLOC is an innovative wall insulation product, made in Australia for Australian homes. 

INSULBLOCⓇ cubes are made from expanded polystyrene, which has been used as an insulation material since the 1940s. Polystyrene ‘Bean Bag’ type beads have been pumped into wall cavities of northern hemisphere homes to provide a proven and effective wall insulation.The cubes can be used in the same way, providing an easy-to -install, cost-effective insulation solution for your home.


Some forms of insulation can double as a vapour or moisture barrier. In these cases, the vapour barrier is on the warm side of the insulation. This can cause condensation problems if not installed correctly so make sure you check with a professional if you are unsure.

INSULBLOCⓇ excels in vapour resistance as opposed to insulation batts. It’s hydrophobic, which means it won’t suck moisture across gaps via capillary action. The addition of glue was once necessary to keep old polystyrene bead insulation in place after installation in a wall cavity, but the geometric features of INSULBLOCⓇ eliminate the need for glue and minimize the potential for “wetting” exposed electrical wiring and fittings.

INSULBLOCⓇ is one of the most environmentally friendly brick cavity wall insulation solutions available. It is made of recycled raw materials, which helps to reduce greenhouse gases. In addition, it does not require any special equipment or chemicals for installation, and it can be used in both new and existing buildings.

The benefits of INSULBLOCⓇ don’t stop there. It is also highly effective at reducing noise pollution, and it can help to improve the energy efficiency of your home or office.

We always recommend having complementary insulation throughout your home and can always provide a quote on how best to achieve this. INSULBLOCⓇ is capable of reducing heating and cooling costs up to a further 60% when you also instal complementary ceiling insulation in your home. There are also proven benefits to insulating under windows.

Of course, it can! INSULBLOCⓇ can be successfully installed down a wall cavity without the need for drilling a large pattern of holes through the walls to achieve the optimum density for a good insulation rating and waterproofing. Plus, since it comes in pre-formed sections, there is no on-site mixing or forming required, making for a much cleaner and faster job.

Gaps in any form of insulation should be avoided, as even a small gap can significantly reduce the insulating value of a property. INSULBLOCⓇ wall insulation is easier to install and essentially “gap-free” cubes to maximise insulation ratings.