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Insulbloc Insulation Explained

Insulbloc insulation in a brick wall

If you are considering insulation options, there is a good chance that you have come across Insulbloc. A new and innovative technology, Insulbloc has the highest wall insulation rating available. Because of its unique design, installing Insulbloc is simple and effective, making it a great choice.

Read on to learn more about how Insulbloc works and why it would be ideal for your home.

Why is Wall Insulation Important

Wall insulation helps control the temperature of your home. It limits the movement of hot and cold air and keeps your home temperate in both warm and cool weather. This will help you save on electricity, as your heating and cooling systems won’t need to combat excessive heat loss or gain.

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In Australian conditions, this is essential. Westerly walls can heat up at an alarming rate during hot Australian summers. This isn’t just an inconvenience – it can majorly affect your ability to live in and enjoy your home. 

Wall insulation can also help minimise noise in your home, and reduce condensation, so it is a critical part of any home design. 

What Is Insulbloc?

As one of the most eco-friendly and effective insulation options on the market, Insulbloc is quickly becoming a popular choice. It is Australian-made and designed to suit Australian homes in both the heat and the cold.

Insulbloc is an insulation made from small cube blocks of recycled polystyrene. These blocks can be pumped into wall cavities and fill small or difficult to reach spaces, such as around plumbing pipes. These cubes then lock together as they settle, becoming a gap-free layer of insulation.

Gaps can greatly hinder your insulation’s ability to keep hot air in or out, and will ultimately cost you more in heating and cooling bills. The gap-free nature of Insulbloc is why it has the highest R-Value (thermal resistance rating) in Australia. 

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Insulbloc is also fantastic at combating vapour, helping keep the air in your home clean and dry. Because there is no glue required to keep Insulbloc in place, you are not adding moisture into your wall cavities and the risk of wetting any exposed electrical wires is eliminated. 

What are the Benefits of Insulbloc

In addition to its high insulation rating and unique block style, Insulbloc has many attractive benefits that make it your ideal choice. 

Multiple Resistances

Insulbloc resists several factors that can damage insulation or the home itself. These include:

  • Does not spread fire
  • Dust
  • Moisture and vapour
  • Fungi and bacteria
  • Mould and mildew
  • Vermin

Fire retardant insulation is one of the key differentiating factors between good and bad insulation. While no one wants to think about their home on fire, it is an unfortunate reality. Especially in Australia where bushfires are also common. 

The polystyrene blocks don’t contain formaldehydes or flammable particles. This ensures that Insulbloc has zero spread of flame. 

You can feel more secure in an Insulbloc-insulated home, safe in the knowledge that it won’t contain harmful allergens or organisms that could make your family sick. 

Insulbloc is hydrophobic, which means it resists water vapours and won’t spread damp through your home. You won’t have to worry about excess moisture degrading your timber, or creating unpleasant odours. Rest assured that both your family and your house will stay healthy.

Structurally Innovative 

From a builder’s perspective, Insulbloc also has several great benefits. It’s lightweight and does not push on inner wall linings. 

Its unique installation method also limits damage to the façade of a home. In most instances, simply removing a brick or drilling a single hole, the installer will have enough access. The brick or hole is replaced, leaving no trace. 

Australian Product

Insulbloc is also a local Australian invention. By choosing it you are supporting our own insulation industry. Not only that, product delivery and issue resolution will be much faster than if you use overseas alternatives. 

Where can Insulbloc be Used?

Insulbloc is perfect for existing walls and structures. If you have recently bought a new home, or want to insulate your current one, you don’t want the fear of damage to your home’s façade to limit your options. You also don’t want to have to tear down internal gyprock walls to install batts.

With Insulbloc you get the best of both worlds – high thermal protection and a ‘without a trace’ install. 


At 4 Seasons Home Insulation, our experts recommend Insulbloc as an eco-friendly, high R-Value material that has a huge range of benefits. If you want to learn more about our wall insulation service, click here. 

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