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Guess what? It’s February and it’s still summer

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Summer holidays are over, we’ve made it through December and January and we’re back into the routine of work and school.

Yet February is still officially summer and never fails to bring some scorchers along with it, as well as a few hints of the winter to come.

February 2016 and February 2017 take the gong for the hottest and second hottest recorded February conditions around the globe. Time will tell how February 2018 stacks up. So far, the month has been on the cool side.

This is no time to get complacent about insulating your home or upgrading old, existing insulation.

Whether heating or cooling your home, these are the essential things to consider:

  1. The temperature inside your house might be dramatically different to the temperature outside (the one online or announced on tv). Get into the habit of measuring temps inside and see the amazing difference with well-installed insulation.
  2. Which part of your house faces west? Western walls are the hottest in your house. Windows or doors on the western side will allow even more heat to affect the temperature inside your house.
  3. During summer, especially with daylight saving, we experience more hours of sunlight from the west plus higher temperatures, exposing our houses even more.
  4. During winter, reducing heat loss is the major concern. On cold days heat escapes through gaps and air leaks around windows, doors and construction joints. Sealing these weak points will make insulation more effective.
  5. It’s important to stop the heat and cold from getting inside in the first place. Good insulation will stop it from escaping even if you want it to.
  6. 4 Seasons Insulbloc installed inside existing walls is an immediate solution to the effects of hot and cold weather, no matter the season.

Arrange for a free onsite inspection of your home, to evaluate the benefits that insulation could bring.