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Wool Home Insulation Resists Vermin In Your Roof

Woolcell Roof Insulation

Wool home insulation may not be your first thought when considering pest management or fire readiness, so prepare yourself for some exciting information.

Following spells of wet weather, we often hear of nocturnal activity in the roof space keeping people awake: these noises usually come from rats and mice looking for cosy dry beds and ceiling goodies to gnaw on.  Alas, many insulation products provide just the sort of welcoming environment our rodent friends love.

The best insulation for controlling the crawlies is pump-in insulation which contains the additive borax to discourage nesting.

However many people don’t like the idea of loose insulation because of dust and the possibility of the pump-in material moving and thereby reducing its energy efficiency. What’s the solution?

The Answer is Woolcell, 20% wool home insulation

Woolcell is a wool-based natural active fibre, semi-bound insulation product. Developed in Western Australia, Woolcell binds the cellulose fibres together, keeping the product’s “loft” over the lifetime of the home, minimising movement and sagging over time.

With its inherent suitability for insulation (that is what it does on the sheep’s back after all!), wool home insulation helps the product breathe, minimising moisture and reducing mould and mildew.

Woolcell contains approximately 20% wool, combined with recycled newspaper containing added natural salts Borax and Boric acid to make it fire and vermin resistant.

Woolcell home insulation was even awarded a National Wool Invention Competition ‘Prize of Distinction’ and is CSIRO-tested for conformance to industry standards.

A Thing of Beauty

Wool stands out from other natural fibres.

It breathes and traps large columns of air that provide high resistance to heat flow, giving higher thermal and acoustic ratings over other insulators.

Wool home insulation is environmentally sustainable and consumes a very small number of processes and energy during production (it’s embodied energy).

No wonder it continues to be one of 4 Seasons’ biggest sellers.

Finally, Woolcell insulation does exactly what’s it meant to do: insulate your property in summer, winter and every time in between to efficiently manage your energy consumption for heating and cooling.  So not only will you have safe, properly-installed insulation, you’ll have peace of mind and less hard-earned money flying out of your bank account.  Read about more the benefits of roof insulation.

The only complaints will come from the rats.