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You Can Count On Pump-in Woolcell During An Insulation Supply Crisis

You Can Count On Pump-in Woolcell

It’s no wonder they’re shouting the name Woolcell from the rooftops.

That’s because this Australian-made, pump-in material is helping to keep the home insulation industry thriving – and Aussie homes comfortable all year round.

But what has led to this uptick in demand?

Well, Australia is in the grip of a supply shortage when it comes to home building and renovation materials at the moment, and this includes home insulation products.

Supply chain delays for some products are being held up for as long as 26 weeks – and insulation batts and other insulation materials are affected because of this.

Materials are in high demand worldwide due to the fact that many countries are using construction to stimulate their economies. This in turn is driving up costs.

The Suez Canal blockage, too, has caused shipping costs to rise.

According to Tim Reardon, chief economist for the Housing Industry Association, new home construction has increased by 20% in the last 12 months. As a result, quality insulation products are in short supply.

But Woolcell is proving to be the perfect solution.

You Can Get Pump-In Woolcell Right Now

Woolcell is an Australian-made premium pump-in roof insulation material. 

Natural salts are used in making Woolcell (borax, and boric acid), plus it’s a product made from Australian wool and recycled paper. 

The wool keeps the overall material light and together, giving you 100% coverage.

It has fire retardant properties and it’s breathable, so the chances of mould are greatly reduced. This is good news for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. 

The Woolcell also soaks up harmful indoor air pollutants too.

It was even awarded a National Wool Invention Competition ‘Prize of Distinction’ and is CSIRO-tested, so it meets all necessary industry standards.

And, besides being environmentally friendly, it also offers a lifetime warranty.

Woolcell – Your Best Bet For Total Coverage

Regardless of the access restrictions, Woolcell can be installed inside flat roofs, cathedral ceilings, or between floors and roof pitches with very little effort; it is the ideal solution for areas where bulk insulation like batts cannot be installed.

The lack of gaps in Woolcell means that it is better for thermal and acoustic insulation. Woolcell is also less likely to suffer from moisture damage, and is less prone to vermin infestation. 

Woolcell has a superior R-value and is semi-bound, so it doesn’t require surface sprays to adhere, resulting in a long-lasting and stable product.

The Importance Of The ‘R-Value’

In the building and construction industry, the thermal resistance rating, or R-Value, is a measure of a material’s ability to resist heat transfer.

A higher R-Value means better thermal resistance. Units are measured in m2K/W.

R-Value = Thickness (m) / Thermal conductivity (W/mK)

Specifying insulation should take into account the thermal resistance of the material. 

Therefore, it is more economically efficient to increase the thickness of the product than to use one with a lower thermal conductivity in order to achieve a specific thermal resistance.

R-values for roof insulation range between R3.5 and R6, R3.5 near the coast and R6 in cold climates such as alpine areas. 

Government websites recommend R4.1 for most areas in Australia.

How Home Insulation Helps You

Insulation has many benefits, which is why it is the most popular climate solution for houses.

Improved comfortElectricity savingsNoise dampeningReduced carbon footprintSafe
An insulated home maintains a comfortable temperature – neither too hot nor too cold.Keep cool or warm air inside, reducing your air conditioner’s or heater’s workload. The insulation you choose for your home can help dampen or soundproof it.You can reduce your impact on the environment by using less electricity. To ensure flame retardancy and safety, insulation must undergo rigorous testing.

Woolcell: In Summary

  • Insulation that is 38% more effective than alternative batt insulation
  • Suitable for flat and pitched roof construction, as well as dry wall insulation
  • Exceptional acoustic performance

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