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Underfloor insulation – get the lowdown

Family lying on the floor

Living in an existing home or building new? Heating and energy experts agree that high-quality underfloor insulation is a great investment.

Imagine the picture – winter is settling in and your family is enjoying the benefits of professional wall and ceiling insulation. Your heating bills are massively reduced and the word of the day is Cosy.

Your doors and windows are properly covered and the good old draught-excluder is in place.

Yet, every now and then, a gasp of winter air sends a shiver up your spine. Why?

Chances are, the cold air is coming through gaps in your floorboards or rising up through an uncarpeted floor surface. You need underfloor insulation.

Greenstuf® from 4 Seasons

4 Seasons Home Insulation is the place to go and Australian-made Autex Greenstuf insulation material is the perfect solution for your home.

Made of 100% polyester (including at least 45% recycled polyester fibre), Greenstuf is recyclable at its end of life and completely free of added chemicals like formaldehyde-based binders or fibres.

Backed by a 50 Year Product Durability Warranty, Greenstuf exceeds Building Code of Australia requirements and is unaffected by moisture, mould or mildew. Greenstuf is naturally resistant to vermin and non-flammable.

Underfloor Insulation vs Underfloor Heating

People in cooler climates often consider floor heating to increase their comfort levels at home. Yet, without underfloor insulation, even underfloor heating is less effective. There is no point creating warmth without ensuring that that the warmth can’t escape.

According to https://underfloorheatingexpert.com, “Failing to lay it (underfloor insulation) can cause all sorts of nightmares further down the line and it’s often been the root cause of many peoples disappointment with their underfloor heating installation.”

Complete the Home Insulation Package

Enveloping your home with floor, ceiling and wall insulation is the way to guard against the discomfort of hot conditions in summer and cold conditions in winter.

Quality underfloor insulation will make your inside floor surface the same as your indoor temperature – cosy – instead of the ground temperature around your home, which will be several degrees lower. The same is true of summer temperatures.

Save money on expensive heating and cooling costs by investing in insulation and the huge difference it makes. Who knows? You may never need those fluffy slippers again!!

Speak to 4 Seasons Home Insulation to arrange a free inspection and quote on your home.