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Working From Home – Be Honest. How Insulated Are You?

Adult working from home with toddler running around

Whether you’re a new parent spending more time at home, or your workplace has moved to a more ongoing flexible schedule, the chances are your home is now bearing the brunt of increased foot traffic, noise, and energy bills.

Considering that you might be spending more time at home, why not invest some time and money in simple home maintenance?

There’s More Than One Type of Insulation:

Roof Insulation

Without roof insulation you could be losing 35% of your heating/cooling capacity. That translates into 10 degrees cooler in summer and up to 7 degrees warmer in winter. Added benefits of roof insulation include lower damp conditions and mould and fire protection.

Top-up & Removal

The majority of homes built pre-2000 seriously need insulation repair, top-up or, in some cases, removal and reinstallation. Without attention to this important issue, homeowners are not gaining any benefits from their current insulation product. They are definitely paying way more for heating and cooling than they could be. Contact 4 Seasons for more information.

Wall Insulation

Without wall insulation you could be losing 25% of your heating/cooling capacity. And that’s without considering the power bills which are already costing you a fortune. Talk to 4 Seasons Home Insulation and find out about saving money while lowering energy consumption.

Existing Walls

Reduce noise transfer and increase the comfort of home and the efficiency of workplaces. 4 Seasons Home Insulation provides a series of products suitable for various levels of required acoustic insulation. Acoustic Insulation can help reduce noise transfer between:

  • Internal rooms i.e. between bedroom/bathroom or bedroom/living areas
  • Between the first and second floors in two-storey homes
  • Between apartments (in apartment living)
  • Dampen environmental noise from busy roads or aircraft


Without floor insulation you could be losing 20% of your heating/cooling capacity. With well-installed insulation you will:

  • Lower your energy consumption
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Save on your electricity bills
  • Improve your comfort levels
  • Reduce the impact of mould
  • Minimise your reliance on heating and cooling systems.